Business Continuity Plan

Brentview Investment Management, LLC (Brentview) has a Business Continuity Plan (Plan) which provides a template for the Firm to continue its business activities, notwithstanding a major business disruption (“MBD”).

Among other things, the Plan identifies our "mission critical" services and seeks to ensure that those aspects continue notwithstanding a MBD.

If a MBD were to occur, Brentview would employ an existing call tree so that senior management could reach all employees quickly. The Plan provides for affected staff to either remain at home, work, or an alternative location, depending on the nature of the event. All critical systems can be accessed remotely regardless of location.

If affected employees are unable to work from home, they would be gathered at an alternative location.

All of Brentview's mission critical systems are available as off premises cloud based offerings and provided by independent vendors.  Brentview has confirmed that each vendor of a mission critical system (e.g., email, phone, analytics and trading software) has an independent back-up facility and a suitable business continuity plan in place.