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Charles Fish Investments, Inc. (CFI)
As a boutique money manager, CFI’s mission is to offer tax efficient investment solutions designed to achieve a client's long-term goals in the way that's best for them. Adding value to a clients' portfolio is at the heart of CFI's mission. Founded in l984, Charles Fish Investments, Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Act of l940. CFI is an affiliated subsidiary of Brentview Investment Management, LLC. 
CFI Enhanced Yield Muni Bond Strategy
The CFI Enhanced Yield Muni Bond strategy consists of portfolios invested in broadly diversified bonds with a primary focus in California non-AMT tax-exempt issues. The strategy utilizes a broad range of durations and embedded options while leveraging our credit expertise to expand the scopes of security selection. A portion of each portfolio is employed in bonds with no outstanding ratings. These bonds have been thoroughly scrutinized and found to possess the characteristics of investment grade securities while providing significantly higher yields. The strategy does not employ leverage.
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