What’s in a name?

Brent is derived from a Celtic word which means "elevated." As a long-term investor, an elevated view may be achieved through fundamental research, thereby providing a greater perspective and insight into each company.

Who we are

Brentview Investment Management, LLC is a boutique with a singular focus on dividend growth investing. The firm was founded on the timeless principle that utilizes fundamental research to determine stock selection.

Investment Approach

We view a management team’s dividend policy as a meaningful commitment to shareholders, which also places greater discipline on capital allocation decisions overall. Our bottom up process focuses on identifying companies with the financial strength to pay and grow their dividend.


Our proven investment process is built on a strong foundation which incorporates three key investment beliefs into our conviction-based portfolios.  Utilizing a proprietary, fundamentally-based research method, we identify specific companies that meet our criteria.

Brentview seeks to provide our clients a thoroughly researched and broadly diversified equity portfolio based on our dividend growth philosophy.

Focus on

High Quality Companies

Companies with consistent dividend growth tend to be well run businesses that focus on generating results for their shareholders


Risk Controls

Minimizing portfolio volatility and providing downside protection are essential for generating results for our clients

Solely invest in

Dividend Payers 

Dividends are a meaningful contributor to total return for investors 

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